The new HYBRID 3 blade Rampage from Dead Ringer provides maximum penetration!!!


White Tail Freaks “Freak-Nasty” is unique in the industry, offering Three Blade Two Inch cut, which equates to Six linear inches of cutting. The First of its kind!!! This will give you a gaping wound channel not seen in any other broad head. Our hand sharpened spring stainless steel blades are the toughest in the industry and tested to 185,000 ft. lbs. of shear strength. Partnered with the T-6 aluminum ferrule and stainless, bone shattering chisel tip, your hunting confidence will never be higher.


Want supreme stopping power? Use Rampage when you need to shatter bone, create a path of devastation, and leave a MASSIVE EXIT WOUND that your prey won't be able to run away from.


These top quality Hybrid broadheads are designed to cut and deploy on impact and engineered to work flawlessly every time, even on heavily angled shots.

Dead Ringer Freak Nasty